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Bread Of Life - Week 3

For the week of Jan 14-21 2007
From The Desk of Evg. Leroy Martin:

**** Happy New Years ***

Welcome to "The Bread of Life ".

I want to Thank each of you for being with us again. If you find this week’s message posted late, forgive me; I have been in REVIVAL this week. So if you have missed any messages, click here.

This week I wanted to talk about something, I believe, that has ran across the minds of many, that has caused many to miss out, and quite frankly has caused many to be afraid of. What I’m referring to is the wordCOMMITMENT”.

 To many of us, the wordCOMMITMENT” has ran across our mind, it has caused us to miss out, and it has caused us to either be afraid of or to continue on. Now I know that when we are faced with this wordCOMMITMENT”, instantly we began to examine ourselves to see where we went wrong in our life! Of course there are some things that we all can relate to. You don’t have to be an athlete to understand the area where we are going with this, but you can put things you do in everyday life in to this category.

 The word com·mit·ment [kə mítmənt] means responsibility: something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation.

It also means something that is done with all might.  Now that we are examining ourselves, if we had known all the good benefits of and the positive resultsof some things, we would have been more committed to it. If we take our careers, finances, families, education, or even our relationships, we will find, that if we were more committed, we could have been farther along.

Now, that we have thought about things in our lives, most certainly our life with Jesus Christ should have come up. The most important question we must ask ourselves is how committed are we to GOD? God has committed himself to us much more than we commit to him.

We see that “God so loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, and whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life JHN 3:16; I know that some may say “I ‘ve known that since my early days of Sunday School”. But have you ever wondered what would have happened to us if God would not have committed himself to US? God, in his loving way, committed himself through Jesus Christ on Calvary’s Cross just so that we may have a right to Eternal Life. He did not wait on us to figure out if we were going to commit or not; he did it while we were yet sinners” Rms 5:8-9, and because of that LOVE, we can be with the Lord forever.

Let us now examine our commitment to God (Oh! I better not go there). I know that many things have been thrown at us, by the devil, to break our commitment to God. Many of us have just forgot the important commitment and sacrifice that Jesus himself have done to and for us; we have put things, people, and even our feeling before our commitment to God. Some of us have simply given up. But before you quit, let me say this! There is a joy that comes in our commitment to God; it sometimes doesn’t feel good, but this joy passes our understanding. Meaning that Jesus was so committed to do the will of the Father, that in spite of all the bad and negative things that he knew was going to happen to him, he pushed all feelings, all hurts, and all things that was not like God to the side and accomplished that what he promised (HEB 12:2). And the joy came when man was reconciled back with God. So before we give up, consider him! Heb 12:3.

Before my closing, I want to issue this challenge toward our commitment to God. Can you push away all of your fears of being totally committed to God in 2007? Can you look pass your feelings and be totally committed to Godin 2007? Can you let go of things that are causing you not to be totally committed in 2007?

I hope and pray that your answer is YES!


If you said yes and want to be more committed or recommit your life to God, pray this prayer:

 Father I repent for my lack of commitment toward you. I know that you love me so much that you gave your life for mine. Father I’m sorry; help me Lord in my commitment toward you. Help me to overcome anything that would hinder my commitment toward you. I Love you Lord, and from this day forward, I commit myself totally to you!

For those of you who want a New Life simply repeat these words:
Father I repent for all of My Sins, I accept and believe in my heart what you did for Me at Calvary. Wash me in Your Blood; Cleanse Me from all unrighteousness, I will confess you as My Lord and My Savior, and from this day forward, I’ll live for you for the rest of my life.

Evg. Leroy Martin

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