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Bread of Life- Week 5

For the Week of Jan 28- Febuary 4, 2007
"Why Give Up Now!"
From The Desk of Evg. Leroy Martin:

**** Happy New Years ***

Welcome to "The Bread of Life "   

    I want to say “Thank You” again for joining us this week. I hope that your week was a good one, and I want you to know that God has a blessing that is just for you.

    We have two anointed and dynamic singers, (Na-Na & Ke-Ke), at our church that sing this song that really touches my heart every time they sing it. The song is called I Just Can’t Give Up Now!” The song talks about our personal experiences in this life with God. It talks about our ups and our down’s; our good days and bad days, and it gives us a gratitude to God for how he has delivered us out of them all. It also talks about how God has been so good to us that it cause a statement to be declared in the song “I Don’t Believe He brought Me This Far to Leave Me!” And for this cause, I must declare to the whole world that “I Just Can’t Give Up Now!

    We have all been through lots of things in our lives; some we can talk about and others we wish to forget. But through the times that we were about to pull our hair out, have you ever just thought about who was holding us up during those times? Have you ever thought about the times where you said E-NUFF is Enough! Even during those times, who was it that kept you from loosing your mind? We know the answer and it was God. We know with out a shadow of a doubt that it was him all by himself. But what we should ask ourselves is how do we repay him? How do we show our gratitude for what he has done for our lives? Can I ask a question that will be directed at some? If God has done so much for us, shall we give up? Look, I know that times may get rough and hard, but

“We just can’t give up!” 

    You see, we owe so much to God; we can not repay him with a monitory value. But, we can repay him with our life dedicated to him. Present ye your bodies as a living sacrifice, Holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service” RMS 12:1. Our lives must be a symbol and a token of our appreciation for the sacrifice that he gave for us, for “we were not purchased with corruptible thing such as silver and gold, but by the precious blood of the Lamb1Pet:18-19. Even after he has done all these great things for us, why give up now?

 Even though the enemy has set out to destroy us (Jhn.10:10), that does not give us an excuse to give up. Although the days may come where we could hardly see the road; this is not a reason for us to give up. Even when we see the end times approaching, we still can not give up! “But he that endureth to the end shall be saved!”
    We must hold on to the end because there is a reward for us. (Tell Yourself:
I ‘m getting my reward”) Jas 1:12. We must remember that WE JUST CAN’T QUIT GOD”. Why would He bring us this far to leave us? Why would he give his life so that your life would be a defeated one? Why would he perform miracle after miracle for you to give up on him? (Think About it)

And why would he give us JESUS to shed his blood, to take away the sins of the world, and make a way for us to be with him in Heaven forever for you give up on him, die, and go to HELL?

    Beloved, someone is depending on you not to quit. Someone is depending on you to give them that word of encouragement. Someone is depending on you to bring a ray of hope in there life. Someone is depending on you to stand in the evil day. And that someone LOVES YOU and wants you to Run-on and tell the Gospel story to every creature. So if God is this GOOD, Why Give Up Now!
For those of you that need the strength not to give up, or maybe you need God to help you help others not to give up simply say this prayer:
Father, I thank you for being a Good God in My life; I Thank You for being there when I thought no one else cared. I Thank You for your Mercy And Grace. I Thank You for Your sacrifices that you have done for me. Father I need you even greater in this area of my life. I need strength to encourage others; I even need it to encourage myself.  Father forgive me for giving up on you. Father help me; I need more of your Spirit to overcome the ways of satan and the World. Father I know only you can do it.  Do it for me Lord. In Jesus' Name AMEN! 

For those of you who want a New Life simply repeat these words:
Father I repent for all of My Sins, I accept and believe in my heart what you did for Me at Calvary. Wash me in Your Blood; Cleanse Me from all unrighteousness, I will confess you as My Lord and My Savior, and from this day forward, I’ll live for you for the rest of my life.

Evg. Leroy Martin

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